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Tax receipts are issued for all donations over $10. We appreciate any donation and your support in helping us keep the trails open.

Safe Hiking

When out on the trails, be aware of:

  • Weather
  •    * dress for and be prepared for the weather conditions
       * sun exposure
       * rain / cold (hypothermia)
       * gusty winds (stay out of the woods as trees may shed limbs in high winds)
       * lightning (use the 30/30 rule)
  • Terrain and footing (adjust your speed and plans accordingly)
  • Trail markings (stay on the trail to avoid getting lost)
  • Time of sunset
  •    * in low light it is hard to see tree roots/branches
       * GHTC trails are closed from dusk to dawn
  • Hunting season
  • Dogs or cyclists sharing multi-use trails
  • Poisonous plants
  •    * poison ivy
       * giant hogweed
  • Insects
  •    * bees
       * mosquitos
       * deer ticks
  • Dehydration
  • Blisters (address this as early as possible)
  •    * wear boots that fit and are comfortable
       * bring bandages, moleskin, or a blister kit
  • fatigue