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by Dave Hull

  • Landowner registry established by K. Brown and M. Zerner for the club's trails.
  • Ontario Trails Council established by the Ontario government. G.T.C. member, Bill Coates was appointed Chairman of the Council which was concerned with the future planning and development of trails for all trail activity groups in the Province. Henry Graupner, the then President of the G.T.C., was also a member of the Council.
  • FOHTA becomes established, due largely to the organizing ability of Henry Graupner.
  • There were 23 outdoor activities organized by H. Brandl.

  • G.T.C. helped the City of Cambridge establish the Mill Run Trail.
  • Club Badge was designed by Bill and Nancy Coates.
  • First end-to-end hike (50 km) organized and led by Hans Brandl. Thirty-five people participated, 21 finished! Hans also designed the end-to-end badge.
  • G.T.C. sent a brief to the Ontario Trails Council
  • Membership topped 300
  • 549 people participated in hikes

  • First Arkelloppet held in January
  • G.T.C. helped the Toronto Bruce Trail Club man a booth at the Sportsman Show.
  • Club information brochure designed.
  • 673 people collectively walked 7,722 kilometres on club hikes organized by H. Brandl.

  • Niagara Escarpment Commission released its preliminary proposal. The G.T.C. responded to this document.
  • Annual picnics discontinued due to lack of interest.
  • 5th edition of the G.T.C. Handbook published, thanks to the continued (over many editions) hard work of Florence Partridge and Phyllis Oughton.
  • 24 people completed the end-to-end hike.

  • Through the good services of the Trail captains, Kathleen Brown and Mike Zerner, metal signs were made for the club and erected at strategic points along the Club's trails.
  • 40 skiers turned out for the Arkelloppet
  • 11 people completed the end-to-end hike, 2 people for the 4th straight year.
  • Bob Fanning, Henry Graupner and Sandra Webster all headed up organizing groups for the 1980 Hike Ontario Conference!

  • Static display unit was built to advertise the Club's activities at meetings and in public display areas in the City.
  • 35mm slide programme was produced to help promote membership in the club.
  • Hike Ontario Conference was a success; the Club's metre square birthday cake was devoured by some 400 participants from all parts of Ontario
  • Niagara Escarpment Commission's Proposed Plan was published.
  • A second edition of the club brochure was produced. September 29-10 years old!
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