Author Topic: Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado (June 2012)  (Read 4303 times)

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Returning home from Utah, we decided to get a little taste of the beautiful country in Colorado. We drove to Aspen, then through "Independence Pass" (a magnificent drive through the mountains...this pass is only open mid May to Oct because of the weather). Along the way, we explored a ghost town (panning for gold in the 1800s). No one else was around. It really makes you wonder how they survived the bitter winters in the middle of no where. We passed the "Continental Divide" and into Leadville. The next stop was the the stunning "Rocky Mountain National Park." We hiked some nice trails here in the park. Snow was still on some paths and other trails were closed because of snow. We saw numerous elk along the way. Bonus..... we did see a moose and young calf....they crossed the road in front of us as we were driving into the park.

Independence Pass

What a snow plough!!

Ghost town

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park