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Sect 2 - Feb 6, 2010
« on: February 12, 2010, 07:44:34 PM »
My first time on the Kissing Bridge Trail, it was led by Susan Bard.  A perfect day for a hike, about -7C and sunny.  The following pic is of the group just before heading out...for those that don't know her, Susan is the wee one in the white jacket, 2nd from the left.

Gitta gets a bit chilled if she stands around, so she got out there and set the pace.

The next two were taken from the Musagetes Bridge over Cox Creek.  The first one is looking north, and the next south.

Susan had a neat little story about how the Mennonites ride their bikes up in great numbers to the pond in this next pic, and swim and play on the rope swing while washing.  They grab the rope that is attached to the pole, and run up the steps on right, before swinging and splashing back into the pond.

We had Victoria with us, who is a field naturalist, and pointed out some invasives.  We stopped to rip out some 'dog strangling vine' I think she called it.  She also identified the pic of a tree I had with me as a Black Cherry, ending my frustration.  Thank you Victoria! 

I was dismayed to find out that this tall grass in the next pic is also an invasive, native to somewhere in Asia.  Damn, I have always found it so pretty, especially when it catches hoarfrost.  I am going to have to be a closet fan now!

Eventually, we hit the end of the club's section of trail, and turned around to head back.

I really enjoyed chatting with Bob and Terry on this hike.  Terry had his GPS, and I believe he said that we did between 7 and 8km on this hike, with a moving speed of 4.5km/hr and an average speed of 3.8km/hr.  Another fun day out with the club.  Thanks for the hike Susan!