Author Topic: Westbound Sect 8 and 7 from 5th Line to HWY 25 Feb 4, 2010  (Read 4902 times)

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Westbound Sect 8 and 7 from 5th Line to HWY 25 Feb 4, 2010
« on: February 04, 2010, 04:45:01 PM »
     I parked my car on 25 SR, a little bit west of HWY 25, and then jumped in to my ride to get a lift over to the juntion of 5th Line and the trail, planning a solo hike return to my car.  Beautiful day for a hike, sunny and about -4C.  The first thing I noticed as I set out on the trail is that there had not been anybody on this section of the trail for quite some time, atleast not since the first good snow.  I found my way around the edge of the corn field and stopped for a look back toward 5th Line.

     I passed under the hydro line and came out onto the northern edge of the quarry.  One of the things I love most about winter hiking is the animal tracks and being able to see the evidence of all their activity.  I don't know how well this picture will demonstrate it, but the quarry was perfect for this, with distant visibility and with various animal's tracks going in all directions.  

     I made my way out of the quarry eventually, up and over the stile at 4th Line.

     As I mentioned, there were no human footprints to follow through Sect 8 so far, and I was relying on map and blazes.  This continued on the west side of 4th Line, and after climbing down the ravine wall to the creek, it was incredibly quiet, giving a real sense of solitude.

     From 4th Line around to Glen Lawson Road turned out to be my favourite section of the day, and there were some really BIG old trees in there.

     I threw my pack down beside one just for some scale.

     There was one section in here where it looked a little dodgy, with some wet snow/ice.  My first time through here, so I had no idea how deep it might be.  I was tempted to find a way to go around, but the trail obviously went straight through so I told myself that in the worst case, it wouldn't be THAT deep.  There were a set of tracks that followed the path, and then just before this wet patch, they cut to the right and crossed at a point a little off the trail, and then cut back across the trail toward the the appearance that it knew something I didn' I followed them.  The ice creaked and groaned, but it held my weight.  I imagine this little section would be soaking at any other time of year.

     Eventually, I popped out onto Glen Lawson Rd and walked along to 3rd Line, and stopped on the bridge.  I snapped one looking south from Glen Lawson, and one looking in each direction off of the bridge.

     Up over the stile on 3rd Line, and I followed the old rail back north, until the trail cut west off of the old rail.


     This next section is the first time that I really noticed the lack of topographic info on the maps, as I did not expect the winding trail and the significant climbs and descents that turned into a great cardio work out through here.  Picking up an old set of prints on the trail, this was also the first signs of human since I had started the day's hike, although the tracks were obviously a little dated as snow had covered them.

     Eventually, I popped out of the forest, crossed the field back to HWY 25, and returned to my vehicle.  Another great hike on the Radial Line Trail!  By the way, compliments yet again to those maintaining these sections.  With the snow fall and no prints, there was no obvious trail to follow most of the way.  There were very few occasions on the day that I had to stop and really look for the next blaze.  Doing a great job!      


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