Author Topic: Sugar Shack Demolition - New Itchy Bitsy Side Loop  (Read 6670 times)

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Sugar Shack Demolition - New Itchy Bitsy Side Loop
« on: March 25, 2010, 01:37:17 PM »
I learned that the Sugar Shack was scheduled for demolition for today, and freed up my schedule to join Andy Cann and John Fisher for the tear down.  The property owner had gone through the floor some time ago, and just recently had leg surgery to correct the problem.  There was supposed to be a tractor meeting us there at 1pm, but they had to cancel due to illness, so the time was changed to 10:00am for a manual tear down.  Hammers, chains, chainsaw, crowbar, and a mini sledge hammer we discovered in the wall, were all the tools used.  Andy had also planned to cut a short new side loop going straight back from the shack and linking with the other side of the Sugar Shack trail.  After razing the shack, John and I cleared the debris off the path of the new side trail and Andy painted the blazes.  Here are a few pics of the demo.

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