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Sect 2 - Jan 23, 2010
« on: January 23, 2010, 02:23:47 PM »
     Victoria, the kids, and I were meeting my Dad for brunch down in Morriston, and then planned to go for a hike together afterwards.  I picked up my Club Handbook and leafed through the pages for inspiration.  Section 2 is the last section of the Speed River Trail that I had yet to walk, and I read in the handbook that it had just reopened after being closed for hunting season.  Perfect!

     Looking at the map, I decided to take Laird out to SR 10, and set out from the marked gate, crossing the abandoned bridge and to grab the club trail from there.

     The handbook says that this section of SR 10 was closed back in 1992, and it was a pleasant enough start to the hike.  We arrived at the bridge, and were a little surprised to see that there was no bottom left on it, save for a little caging covering the western third, that the siderails were rusted out, and there were obvious barriers to crossing.  We rationalized that the barriers COULD be to discourage any rvs, bikes, or horses, and hopped the barriers and crossed.  The kids and Grandpa loved the crossing...not sure if Victoria appreciated it as much.  Anyway, this pic was from atop the bridge.

     We joined the Club Trail after crossing the river, and headed West on Section 2.  This was another fantastic day for a hike.  There were tracks everywhere, and we set countless waterfowl to flight as we tromped along the edge of the river.

     We went as far as 124, before turning and heading back.  The main trail was snow covered, very lightly travelled, and there were other prints crossing here and there...therefore there were a couple of places where we probably could have wandered off the trail, especially where it cut away from the river just before the gasline.  Hats off to those who maintain the trails, as the blazes clearly led us along the right path.  My son had fun counting blazes along the way.  Another great hike on the Speed River Trail, and I've now set foot on its entirety!

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Re: Sect 2 - Jan 23, 2010
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2010, 02:11:23 PM »
Now, that's a great pictorial report on that Section, Dave!  Wonderful photography and fantastic write-up!

Where's your next hike?