Author Topic: Hiking in Southern Utah (May/June 2012)  (Read 3823 times)

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Hiking in Southern Utah (May/June 2012)
« on: June 11, 2012, 05:46:03 PM »
Al and I just returned from hiking in southern Utah. Pictures of red rock formations featuring scenic vistas lured us to explore five national parks in Utah.

We chose all moderate hikes because we wanted to do as many hikes as possible so we could get an overview of each park. Hiking in the sand gave us a good workout as well many trails had steep inclines. The heat was also a day it was 37C and I didn't drink enough water. Lesson learned for the rest of the hikes!!

All parks originate from essentially the same geologic raw materials and shaped by the same forces of tension, but all are unique and magnificent in their own way.

We hiked to incredible sandstone arches in "Arches National Park" and explored the ruggedness of "Canyonlands National Park." We hiked trails in "Bryce Canyon National Park" as well as taking a ride down the canyon (Al by horseback & myself on a mule) to view its unique display of red rock spires, pillars & rocky temples called hoodoos. "Zion National Park" offered vast canyon walls & stone formations on a grand scale, soaring thousands of feet above the lush floor of the canyon. We drove through "Capitol Reef National Park" viewing its massive cliffs and sheer water bed canyons. Viewing prehistoric petroglyphs on the rocks was interesting.

We took a day off from the hot desert like conditions to explore the La Sal Mountains. A beautiful (60 mi) "La Sal Mountain Loop" started at the the Colorado River, traveled to the La Sal Mountains, through the La Sal National Forest. We stopped along the way and found a trail to Lake Oowah- a steep trail to the top but it was rewarding to see the tall green trees and wild flowers. We even saw evidence of bear markings on the tree.

Hike in La Sal Mountains