Author Topic: Hike in Irvine Gorge (July 23/12)  (Read 4746 times)

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Hike in Irvine Gorge (July 23/12)
« on: July 26, 2012, 08:37:52 PM »
What a  lovely warm evening to explore the Irvine Gorge!! Thanks Bill for leading a group of 22 on this adventure......starting out from Victoria Park in Elora, descending down the stairs to  check out the Grand River before hiking through the rocky bottom of the cliff-lined Irvine Gorge to Salem. Three options awaited us at the end- getting quite wet wading in water up to the waist, climbing up a steep cliff hanging onto roots or retracking your steps back to the beginning of the hike.

Our beginning


Grand River

Bill explaining our route

A few caves to check out along the way

Getting cooled off

This would be so easy to get up....but "No Tresspassing!"