Author Topic: Radial Line Trail - Sect 5 - Blue Springs/Sugar Shack Side Trails - Mar 22, 2010  (Read 5666 times)

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A quick run out to the Blue Springs/Sugar Shack Side Trails this morning.  Crisp morning, right around 0 celcius. 

Up and over the stile off of 5th Line.  The first little bit has small rolling hills, old stone walls, and twisted trees on field edges.

Took the Blue Springs Side Trail past the first access to the Sugar Shack Side Trail, and then used the Sugar Shack to loop back and out.  Not very long hike at all, but pretty, and some little hills made it interesting.  Surprisingly good trail conditions for this time of year...only one damp area on entire loop, and even that wasn't bad at all.  Here are a few pics of the shack.