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Everton - Feb 7, 2010 - Led by Bill Mungall
« on: February 12, 2010, 08:15:42 PM »
     Another amazing day for a hike.  It had warmed up a bit from the day before and was about -4C, and again, sunny.  The hike had a great turn out, 21 people I believe...and exactly 2/3 were skiing and 1/3 were hiking.  Right from the time you passed the old mill, you could tell that you were in a special place.  So much so that I didn't even snap pics, which I really regret now.

     Bill started out with an overview of the upcoming hike and the area.  He explained that these were the remnants of an ancient coral reef, and since we would be hiking on the surface of the frozen Eramosa, he ran over safety issues.  Bill led the skiiers, and set Norm up to marshall us hikers.

We headed out onto the ice, with Mary and then Victoria out ahead of me, and before long I had completely tuned out into personal zone and was just enthralled with the cliffs and trees, completely forgetting my camera.  I am not even sure how long we hiked before a bit of overheating snapped me back into reality.

Bill ensured we spread out on the ice to avoid putting too much pressure on any one place.

This proved wise, as there was one spot that we stopped and cluttered together as Bill pointed out the evidence of an ancient gorge buried deep beneath us, that ran perpendicular to the Eramosa.  As we resumed, a few of us hikers heard a nasty cracking and witnessed a line appear clear across the river.  Time to move!!!

It wasn't long before the ice conditions got really hairy.  This pic is the point where Bill decided it was time to turn us around and head us back, and catches a shot of Florence and the open water beyond.

Spotted some beautiful ice formations on the way back.

This hike was through a truly unique area, and Bill's knowledge of and enthusiasm for the area came through in all that he said.  Thanks for a great day out, Bill!  I really regret not pulling my camera out WAY more often on this hike.  I know I saw several cameras out there.  If you have pics of this one, PLEASE post them!!!
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