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Parts of Sects 3 and 4 - January 20, 2010


     My wife and I realized we had a couple of hours to spare on Wednesday afternoon, so we drove out to the end of Arkell Road at 1st Line, jumped the small snow bank, and set out on Section 3 of the Radial Line Trail.

     It was a perfect day for a hike...just a few degrees below zero, some light snow falling now and again.  These pics won't do it justice, but the bright sun popping through the trees created some beautiful scenes along the way.

     We went East from 1st Line, crossed 2nd Line, and went out as far as Guelph Line, before stopping for a quick thermos tea at the stile, and then heading back.  It was a fairly easy hike, although Victoria did slip a few times on the way back up that first hill.

The trail between 1st Line and 2nd Line had a very different feel than the trail between 2nd Line and Guelph Line.  1st Line to 2nd Line was fairly open, with wide, even trail and easier footing.  Between 2nd Line and Guelph Line there were several icy patches, the footing was a LITTLE rougher, and there was a couple sections closer to Guelph Line where the trail squeezed right in and rubbed both arms simultaneously.  Here are a few more pics of what turned into one of my favourite little hikes of the season so far.

Lovely to see these, Dave. 

Thanks so much for the great photography and the nice write-up.

Nice pics!
I am the one who maintains this section and have just discovered this forum. Nice to see you found this section in good condition. Yes, I know the part of section 4 that needs some work and hope to assist the new person looking after it now.
Jim Hoare

Nice to see you in the forum, Jim! 


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