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Tax receipts are issued for all donations over $10. We appreciate any donation and your support in helping us keep the trails open.


The Guelph Hiking Trail Club has built and maintains 4 trails:
  • Radial Line Trail--33 km from Guelph to the Bruce Trail at Limehouse, generally along an abandoned rail bed through the valley of the Eramosa River and its tributary, the Blue Springs Creek
  • Speed River Trail--17 km from Guelph to Cambridge along the Speed River
  • Kissing Bridge Trail--we maintain the 15 km section from Guelph to West Montrose along an abandoned CPR rail bed. (Other partners maintain the remainder of this trail to Millbank. There are plans to continue the trail along the rail bed all the way to Goderich.)
  • Starkey Trail--a 4 km loop trail southeast of Guelph that is jointly maintained with the Grand River Conservation Authority

These main trails and their related side trails currently add up to approximately 80 kilometers of trails. About 90% of these trails cross private land.

Private landowners have granted us the privilege of having a footpath through their property. Please walk only on the marked routes, take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints.

Main trails are marked by orange blazes and side trails are marked by blue blazes.

Hiking is fun! We invite you to come and enjoy our trails. All of them are suitable for a family outing. Most trails are linear, but there are several pleasant loops on the Radial Line Trail and Speed River Trail. All you need to get started are the Club's Handbook with its detailed maps, some sturdy footwear, a bottle of water and your favourite snack.


Coloured trail maps are published in our Guelph Hiking Trail Club Handbook.

The Handbook begins with a fold-out page giving an overview of the entire trail system (Radial Line Trail, Speed River Trail and Kissing Bridge Trail) and showing each trail's division into its numbered sections. The remainder of the Handbook describes each section, accompanied by a detailed colour map of that trail and the parking locations. Information on our trail history, hiking safety, and GPS reference points is also included.

An example of a map in our Handbook:

To purchase the Handbook of our trail maps

  • Use our on-line shopping cart. (scroll down to "Purchase a Handbook")
  • Or mail a cheque, along with a Membership Form (complete the "Handbook with Trail Maps" section)
  • Or contact the Membership Secretary.

It is not necessary to be a member to get a Handbook, but membership fees help us keep these trails open.

The cost is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.