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Tax receipts are issued for all donations over $10. We appreciate any donation and your support in helping us keep the trails open.

Information About Guided GHTC Hikes

Guelph Hiking Trail Club offers guided hikes locally and outside of our region in all seasons.

For these hikes, please:

  • Contact the hike leader prior to the hike to avoid disappointment due to cancellation or hike changes (especially during inclement weather)
  • Choose a hike suited to your physical abilities - be honest with yourself in judging your abilities, remember that we tire more quickly when walking on snow/rough terrain, and consult the hike description which includes the hike speed, length, and difficulty of terrain (if in doubt, contact the hike leader)
  • Arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes prior to the hike start
  • Lock your vehicle and stow all valuables out of sight; keep your car keys in a safe place where they cannot fall out
  • Sign in and complete the waiver (that you take responsibility for hiking at your own risk) before beginning the hike
  • Inform the leader if you have any health conditions that could affect your hiking performance
  • Note that all GHTC leaders are valued volunteers - please respect their role as leader and follow their instructions
  • Stay with the group, walking behind the leader and in front of the sweep
  • Be an ambassador for the environment and for good hiking by following safe hiking guidelines and the Trail Users Code
  • Stay on the marked trail and respect the generosity of private landowners who have given us permission for a foot path through their property - their friendship and trust is our Club's greatest asset
  • At the end of the hike check to see if you are needed to help drive others back to their cars
  • Car pool to hike locations outside of Guelph - if the distance is considerable it is customary to offer to help pay for the gasoline
  • Occasionally it is more convenient for a hike leader to select a meeting place that is not in Guelph. If you cannot arrange a ride to get there, contact the hike leader who may know of someone who is willing to take you.
  • We'd like to see your photos and hear of your experiences on our guided hikes. Please e-mail us, post a note on our website forum, or write a trip report to our newsletter editor.
  • If you hike all sections of the GHTC's Radial Line Trail (8 sections) plus the GHTC's Speed River Trail (3 sections) you may purchase an end-to-end badge. Keep a written log of the hikes that you have completed and when you have hiked all of these sections order your badge from the Membership Secretary.
  • We welcome new hike leaders. Please contact us if you are interested.

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