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Tax receipts are issued for all donations over $10. We appreciate any donation and your support in helping us keep the trails open.

Terrain Rating and Hiking Speed

Guests are welcome on our guided hikes. Choose a hike suited to your interests and physical abilities. Be honest with yourself in judging your abilities, remembering that we tire more quickly when walking on snow/rough terrain. Consult the hike description for the hike speed, length, and difficulty of terrain (if in doubt, contact the hike leader)

Legend for Hike Ratings
Hiking Speeds:
Slow 2 to 3 km/hr
Moderate 3 to 4 km/hr
Brisk/fast 5+ km/hr

Hiking Terrain:
Level 1
Well defined trails, gentle inclines. Hiking boots not required. Beginner-friendly; recommended for newcomers to club activities.
Level 2
Generally on trail. May be hilly, with light bushwhacking, some rough spots or obstacles. Boots recommended.
Level 3
Rough terrain (one or more of extensive bushwhacking, steep sections, long climbs and descents, beaver dams or other obstacles, rock scrambling). Boots, experience and a high level of fitness essential.

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