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Tax receipts are issued for all donations over $10. We appreciate any donation and your support in helping us keep the trails open.


There is nothing quite like a walk in a rural setting; it is the most natural form of recreation there is. Some people walk for exercise; others to be with Nature. Some hike for the company of fellow hikers; others to get away from everyday pressures. Some hike with family; others to meet like-minded individuals.

Since 1972 the members of the Guelph Hiking Trail Club have been dedicated to recreational hiking, and to building and maintaining rural trails in the general area between the Grand Valley (Fergus, Elora, Cambridge) on the west and the Bruce Trail (Limehouse--near Acton) on the east. The Club is also involved with others in building multi-use trails on recently abandoned railway lines.

About 90% of the Club's trails cross private land and the remainder traverse publicly-owned property. All of them are suitable for a family outing. Most of the 55km of trailway are linear, but there are several pleasant loops that make transportation easier. All you need to get started are the Club's Handbook with its detailed maps, some sturdy footwear, a bottle of water and your favourite snack.

During the hiking season (April to November) the Club has at least two organized hikes of varying length per week, on the Club's and other trails in this part of Ontario. Even during the winter there are hikes scheduled. The rural setting of the trails means that there is plenty of opportunity for observing the natural world--beavers are active in at least two locations east of Guelph and trilliums are abundant each spring in several places.

Hikers keep in touch through a regular newsletter and at slide shows during the winter. Club business is carried out at monthly meetings of the Executive Committee and at an annual general meeting in November.

The Guelph Hiking Trail Club would welcome you as a member!