GHTC Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2022

50 years is a long time for a community organization to be around. There has been no better time in the club's history to be thankful for the services provided by the club. People have flocked to the trails and it has brought much recognition to the hard work the club does to keep up these trails for everyone to use, not just members. 

We have planned  celebrations to mark our 50th anniversary that will send our club off into the next 50 years. 

50th Anniversary scheduled events.

  • Clear the Cobwebs Hike Jan 1st.Complete
  • Speed River End to End April 30th
  • Newsletter special edition. May
  • Grandparents day Hanlon Creek. September
  • 50th Celebration party at the Arboretum Sept 18th
  • Radial Line Line trail E to E in sections Sept,Oct,Nov