Trail Reroutes

From time to time, GHTC trails may need to be rerouted for a variety of reasons.

Please obey instructions on the signs you see along the trail (eg. closures during hunting season).

Please refer to this Handbook for all current trail routes on the Radial Line Trail, Starkey Trail, Speed River Trail, and Kissing Bridge Trail.

  Reroute for 13th Edition

   Make the following reroute changes to your 2013 Handbook:

Handbook PageRLT SectionSubsection Addendum
 40 7Dublin Line to Halton 25
Delete directions for "Dublin Line to Halton 25" and replace with "Go south on Dublin Line, continue to Side Rd 25, then turn east on Side Rd 25. Continue to Halton Regional Rd 25. Orange blazes marked along roadside.
 40 7Moroz Side Trail
 This trail no longer exists at request of new landowner. Please Do Not trespass.
 345/6 6th Line to Dublin Line
Replace part of sentence." …. for about 400 metres“ with “Look for a telephone pole with a double orange blaze where the trail now turns east into the woods. It then turns immediately right and heads south, parallel to the road for about 0.3km. At this point it emerges back onto the 6th the property driveway and then turns east opposite Pineridge Drive.”


Subsection Addendum
22 2 Watson Road to Puslinch/ Milton Boundary Replace part of sentence....."then rejoins a series of dirt roads....reforested with conifers" with "then crosses a dirt road onto a grass access road heading east, descends steeply into a lovely deciduous valley, ascends the shallower other side of the valley and enters a coniferous forest. In this area the Arkell Side Trail joins the main trail." You emerge…
22 2 Arkell Side Trail "The Arkell Side Trail runs through some up and down terrain back to the south-west, roughly paralleling Arkell Road, terminating at the Starkey Hill loop trail parking lot.
28 5 5th Line to 6th Line Milton Add a period after "Blue Heron Scout camp" and replace the remainder of the paragraph with the following:
"Within sight of the road, the trail turns sharply right and, after passing through woods and a meadow, emerges on a large field. It follows the east (left) edge of this field and a parking lot, before coming out on the 6th Line and following it south (to the right) for about 800 metres.
28 5 Peter Kallaste/ Beaver Pond Side trail The end of the last sentence should read (change is in italics):
"...about 4oo metres then turn right into the woods to rejoin the main trail."

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