Guelph Hiking Trail Club Privacy Policy

1.       What data we collect

  • Member’s are required to provide their name,  email, newsletter delivery preference and agree to trail user code.
  • Address, phone #, family member’s names, volunteer interest and submitted photos are optional.
  • The system stores membership date, type membership, events attended, liability/covid agreement, donations, hike leader certification date (admin access only)
  • GHTC does not store any credit card info.
2.       What do we do with your data
  • Member’s email is used to send membership renewal notice, hike and trail updates, newsletter, volunteer opportunities, charitable donation receipts, store order confirmation/fulfillment and requesting feedback for the development of activities, products, and services related to the Club’s operation.
  • GHTC does not sell or give member data to any other organizations.
3.       How do we secure your data  
  • All GHTC member’s data resides in Amazon Web Services cloud which uses secure technology to safeguard member information. Traffic encryption ensures that data entered into the online forms (e.g. membership application, event registration) as well as data transferred from Wild Apricot servers back to visitors is secure.
  •  Wild Apricot’s (our membership and web hosting vendor) security can be reviewed here:
4.       Who has access to your data
  • By default member’s name, membership level and photo albums may be accessed by anyone. Email ids may only be access by other members. All other data defaults to admin only access.
  • Only the GHTC Admin has full access to all collected data. Other GHTC Executive only have access to data under their function.
5.       How members can access and update their own info
  • Members can login and update their profile to allow their data to be accessed by everyone, members only or only GHTC admin.

GHTC is not responsible for privacy practices of any websites we provide links to.

Upon request, GHTC will provide individual members and volunteers with access to all information that is maintained about them in GHTC database. For any further information, send us an email at



Privacy Policy

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