Radial Line Trail (RLT) – Guelph to Limehouse  33.35km

Section 1:

Trailhead at Victoria to Watson Rd - 3.5 km 

Parking Area:  on Victoria Road South, just East and South of the bridge crossing the Eramosa River

  • Gravel pathway crosses active rail line, use caution.
  • Trail follows abandoned electric train rail bed.
  • High overhanging cliffs of the Guelph Escarpment mark the edge of the Guelph Spillway.
  • Some road walking along Cook’s Mill Rd, use caution.


    O.R. Side Trail - 2.85 km 

    Parking Area: Roadside parking on York Road
          • Trail follows Eramosa river along old railway spur and near several old quarries.
          • From the gravel lane you can see two ponds, excavated by hand by in-mates in early years of the Ontario Reformatory.

       Section 2:

      Watson Rd to Puslinch/Milton boundary - 4.7km 

      Parking Area:  Roadside parking on east side of Watson Rd by Smith Side trail entrance.

      • Walk along Watson Rd, then dirt and grass surface.
      • There are some hills.

       Smith Side Trail - 4.0 km 

      Parking Area: Roadside parking on Watson Rd
      • Trail follows Eramosa River along abandoned rail bed.
      • Trail climbs steep hill and passes lookout over Eramosa Valley.

       Starkey Hill Interpretive Trails - 4.0 km 

      Parking Area: Off road parking in large lot on south side of Arkell Road
        • Trail follows forested slopes of Paris Moraine and through wetlands.
        • From highest point in you can see Guelph Church of Our Lady.
        • Numbered posts with “QR” codes can be scanned by smart phones to see cultural, historical and natural history facts. Starkey Hill History  Interpretive Map

         Arkell Springs Loop - 1 hour   

           Parking Area: Off road parking in large lot at Starkey Hill on south side of Arkell Road

        Section 3:

        Puslinch/Milton Boundary to 2nd Line Nassagawey - 4.1 km 

           Parking Area: Parking on 1st Line, west of Arkell Rd.
        • Dirt trail along abandoned railway line, followed by some road walking  to wooded area that descends into creek valley.
        • Closed for 1 week in November for shotgun season Trail Closures and Cautions

        Stonefield Side Trail forms a 1.5km loop with main trail

        Section 4:

        2nd Line to 4th Line - 3.6km 

        • Trail passes through cedar in a low lying area.
        • Wild ginger, violets, wild flowers and a few patches of Poison Ivy.
        • Downed trees, roots and stones make trail uneven walking
        • Between 2nd Line and Guelph Line, trail is closed in Fall for hunting and marked with “Trail Closed” signs. Trail Closures and Cautions Use 30th side Rd instead.
        • Remainder of this section is short walk on Guelph Line over to 30th Side Rd and then along 30th Side Rd to 4th Line.


        Section 5

        4th Line to 6th Line Nassagaweya - 4km

        Parking Area: Parking on Nassagweya Side Rd 30 at corner of 5th line.

        • Trail follows road from 4th Line to 5th Line.
        • Small amount of road parking on 30th Side road at 5th Line.
        • Trail follows abandoned railway line.
        • Poison Ivy on both sides of trail for short distance.
        • Trail follows boardwalk through a swampy area then through woods and meadows.
        • In some of this section dogs are not allowed, on or off leash. Please respect landowners wishes.

        Beaver Pond Side Trail – 1.1km
        • Dogs are not allowed, on or off leash.
        • Railway bed takes you to 6th Line.
        • Trail may be flooded due to beaver pond .
        Blue Springs Side Trail – 1.5km
        • Trail skirts fields and passes through Scout Camp woods.
        • Dogs are not allowed, on or off leash.
         Sugar Shack Side Trail – 1.6km
        • Loop trail through woods and past ruins of a sugar shack.

        Section 6:

        Sixth Line Nassagaweya to Dublin Line  - 4.7km
        Parking Area:  on Pine Ridge Drive, opposite of trail head

        • Trail passes through meadows and woodlands and rises steeply to “Kong Hill” for long panoramic view.
        • Some low spots that may be wet in spring.
        • Rugged walking along bedrock edge of glacial spillway.
        • Please do not trespass on the golf course.

        Section 7:

        Dublin Line to 3rd Line Esquesing  - 3.75KM

        Parking Area: Limited shoulder parking on Dublin Line

        • Road walking Dublin Line and Side Road 25.
        • Use extreme caution crossing busy Highway 25.
        • Trail passes through fields and hardwood bush and along abandoned rail bed.

        Section 8:

        3rd Line Esquesing to 5th Line Halton Hills at 22 Side Rd. Limehouse trailhead  - 5km

        Parking Area:  limited road parking on 3rd Line by active railway tracks (Parking at end of trail in Limehouse)

        • Trail drops into deep wooded river valley.
        • Crosses a stile into a sand and gravel pit, watch for vehicles.
        • Some road walking.
        • Parts of trail shared with Bruce Trail.

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