Kolb Park to Bingeman's Out and Back

  • 7 Apr 2021
  • 20 Apr 2021
  • Centennial Ct, Kitchener, ON N2B 3X2

Distance: 8 Km. Difficulty: Easy.  Contact: Ron, ronaldcherry002@gmail.com
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 - an easy hike with a few hills.
 - nice views of the Grand River, with possibilities for wildlife.
 - wide groomed trail that passes through Bingeman's property. Not muddy.

From the parking lot at the Peter Hallman Family Trailway at Kolb Park, take the trail east through the middle of the pond. Note however that in spring the trail here sometimes floods. In that case from the parking lot take the alternate trail to your right, south and around the end of the pond. After passing the pond, turn left, northwest, to follow the Grand River Trail. In the ponds here, look for Great Gray Heron fishing. I often see them here Spring through Fall. In Spring there are several different types of wildflowers here.

The trail goes under the Victoria street bridge. Just before you reach the bridge, take a look toward the river. There is an Osprey nesting box at the top of a utility pole on the opposite side of the river. Osprey nest there spring through summer.

After you walk under the bridge you will be in the Stanley Park Natural Area. There are two ponds here where there are often Great Gray Heron, again, fishing. See the picture below which I took last summer in this area.

The wide groomed trail winds nearer and further from the river as you get closer to Bingeman's. There are a few hills but none are overly steep. The last hill descends as you walk onto Bingeman's property. 

After walking past shipping containers converted to cabins, near the eastern edge of Bingeman's property, the trail goes left, south, away from the river and follows a road on the property. Look for trail markers on utility poles. 

When you get near a large parking lot in front of a building, cross the parking lot to a sidewalk along side of a fenced off area which enloses a mini-putt golfcourse. Again, look for trail markers. Follow the sidewalk when it turns south past the main buildings. Look to your right, west.  Just before the road goes uphill, cross the road and you'll reach the Bingeman's Trail Marker sign. 

To complete the 8 Km hike turn around to follow the same trail back to Kolb Park. (If you wish to make it a longer hike you can continue along the trail from here to the Economical Insurance Trailway, about another 3.5 Km.)


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