'Civic Dreamscape' by Seth unveiled in downtown Guelph

Guelph Hiking Trail Club leads project to install a public art mural along the Alf Hales/Trans Canada Trail, 141 Woolwich St. The funding agreement between the Club and the Federal Government's Canada Community Revitalization Fund is part of the Club's initiative to "enhance the urban trail user's experience."

We were fortunate to be able to commission Seth, a world-renowned graphic artist to design the artwork and to Sign Art for its production.

Guelph Mercury article

WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?: 'Civic Dreamscape' by Seth unveiled in downtown Guelph

‘It shows the creativity of our community’ in Guelph

Joy Struthers

Guelph Mercury

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The Matrix building in downtown Guelph now displays a “Civic Dreamscape” by local artist Seth, along the Speed River and adjacent to the Alf Hales Trail, thanks to the Guelph Hiking Trail Club (GHTC).

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place Aug. 22, with the art installation presented by Seth himself and involved community members. John Fisher, president of the GHTC, officiated and said one of their initiatives was to “enhance the urban trail user experience,” with this mural being just one example of ongoing projects.

“We were able to pull it off because of the extraordinary good faith contributions of all the players and funding assistance by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario,” Fisher said.

Fisher thanked the Matrix board, Jason Douglas, Seth, members of the GHTC, Colleen Craig and Sign Art. He said he wanted to “publicly thank them for the love they put into making this vision a reality.”

The artist Seth explained he would not be saying much about the piece, but it had to do with civic life. “I will not be explaining anything,” Seth said with a smile. “I will leave that entirely up to people to make of it what they will.”

Seth said work he creates can be part of a process of certain things leading to one another, and not necessarily defined by immediate feelings. “I think with a lot of visual art what you’re doing is trying to explore images … in a picture plane where it’s not reality,” Seth said. “These images combine, like in dreams, to mean things, but they don’t mean things in simple, obvious ways.”

Seth said themes emerge and “just combine by accident. I think that’s what leads to interesting work.”

Having moved from Toronto, Seth said it took him a long time to connect with Guelph. “I still felt like I was from Toronto like 10 years later, but over time the city has been very welcoming,” he said. “It’s a good place to live.”

Guelph’s member of Parliament Lloyd Longfield said this spot on the Trans Canada Trail now speaks even more of Guelph itself. “It’s typical of Seth to bury stories within stories, within stories that you have to discover for yourself. It shows the creativity of our community through one of our stars,” said Longfield.

To see the mural head to the trail behind 141 Woolwich St. and look at the Matrix building.


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